Global Centre of Excellence Network

The core of Producers Direct’s model is its Centre of Excellence network. Each Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a farmer-run enterprise hosted by a smallholder producer organization. Our goal is for each CoE to serve as a ‘one stop shop’, providing a complete bundle of ​support – including ​training, ​funding, ​market ​access ​and data – in a blend of in-person and digital services.

In-person services are primarily delivered through a network of locally based Promoter Farmers – who run demonstration sites as living, learning classrooms where innovations can be tested, developed and passed on to other farmers. By working with local farming, youth and women’s groups each CoE is adaptable to regional contexts and ​can ​be ​combined ​and ​adapted ​in various ​ways ​to ​meet ​the individual needs ​of ​each ​producer organization ​and ​their ​farmers.

By combining this with digital data and information tools the CoEs can ensure that ​all producer organisations and farmers can benefit by being part of a global network. By crowdsourcing key farming knowledge  through WeFarm; accessing farmer-led credit fund; developing farmer-owned market opportunities; and accessing applicable data, digital services are backing up vibrant local systems to ensure farmers and their organisations can tackle the barriers to boost their resilience, productivity and livelihoods.



Location: Pangoa, Satipo, Junín

Centre of Excellence for Micro-enterprise creation


Location: Tukuyu, Tanzania

Centre of Excellence for Youth Enterprises


Location: Jaen, Peru

Centre of Excellence for Coffee Quality


Location: Piura, Peru.

Centre of Excellence for Climate Change Adaptation.


Location: Kanungu, Uganda

Centre of Excellence for Tea Quality and Climate Change Adaptation


Location: Bushenyi, Uganda

Centre of Excellence for Coffee Quality

Sireet OEP

Location: Nandi Hills, Kenya

Centre of Excellence for Micro-Enterprise Development