Covid 19 – Other Languages


Below you can find posters in other languages that we use across our network. If you would like to work with us to translate these documents into further languages, please indicate on the form here.

Posters can be placed at places where farmers visit often. For example at the agrovet shops or market stalls. Make sure they are visible and in a location with minimal distraction.

Click the links below to download the posters that you are interested in:


Busting Myths Swahili Colour

Busting Myths Swahili BW

Farm Smart Swahili Colour

Farm Smart Swahili BW

Community Swahili Colour

Community Swahili BW

Hygiene Swahili Colour

Hygiene Swahili BW


Busting Myths French Colour

Busting Myths French BW

Farm Smart French Colour

Farm Smart French BW

Community French Colour

Community French BW

Hygiene French Colour

Hygiene French BW

Haitian Creole

Busting Myths Creole Colour

Busting Myths Creole BW

Farm Smart Creole Colour

Farm Smart Creole BW

Community Creole Colour

Community Creole BW

Hygiene Creole Colour

Hygiene Creole BW


Busting Myths Lunyankole Colour

Busting Myths Lunyankole BW

Farm Smart Lunyankole Colour

Farm Smart Lunyankole BW

Community Lunyankole Colour

Community Lunyankole BW

Hygiene Lunyankole Colour

Hygiene Lunyankole BW