Cafe Direct
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Cafédirect was founded in direct response to the coffee crisis of 1989, when prices plummeted and farmers were struggling to break even, let alone make a profit. From 1991 onwards, Cafédirect emerged and consumers were able to purchase fairly traded coffee, direct from growers. The business plan has never changed since then: to be a force for good and improve farmers’ livelihoods whilst producing delicious coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

In 2010, Cafédirect raised the bar even further and created Producers Direct – intially as Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF). In doing so, Producers Direct is able to raise its own funds on top of Cafédirect investments, while also putting the producer relationship front and center in everything they do.

Cafédirect and Producer Direct have worked closely together over the years to help smallholder tea and coffee farmers to build their expertise, improving their crop quality, yields and building their livelihoods.

The two organisations still work closely with one another – literally side by side in the same office – and together we have achieved a great many things. Find out more about the impact of our work.