Our network of smallholder partners

There are 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide. These farmers are responsible for producing 70% of the world’s food and managing over 50% of the world’s natural resources. Producer Direct’s current network reaches 1 million of these smallholder farmers. Across this network is rich diversity, in geography, crop and resources.

Across our network, farmers are managing diverse farming systems of both cash and subsistence crops. Principal crops include tea, coffee, livestock, cocoa, fruits and vegetables. 40% are innovating and developing on-farm enterprises. This rich diversity of innovation and entrepreneurial ambition drives our farmer-led model. Producers Direct’s work to-date has focused in coffee and tea growing regions across East Africa and Latin America. In Latin America, countries include Peru, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico and Costa Rica. In East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Producers Direct’s focus on these geographies originates from the network of smallholder producer partners that Producers Direct began working with when it was established in 2009.

What is a smallholder farmer?

Typically, each smallholder farmer we work with earn less than $2 per day and sustains their livelihoods on less than one hectare. Aging populations and gender equity remain key challenges – both of which we have designed our model to specifically address.

Looking ahead, our strategy for scale continues to focus on East Africa and Latin America – but looks to diversify and ensure our farmer-led model is delivering benefits to smallholder farmers across a broader range of cash and subsistence value chains.