Davis Gathumbi

Africa Agribusiness Coordinator (Kenya-Based)

Davis is a passionate and driven agri-entrepreneur with significant experience in the agriculture and horticulture industry. Davis started his career in Information and Technology (IT), but soon after discovered a new passion for agribusiness.

His entrepreneurial spirit and vision for seeing an empowered youth and women in Kenya led to him setting up Afrifresh – a thriving youth-led business-to-business fresh produce company that grows, aggregates and supplies fresh produce from medium and small-scale farmers in Africa to global markets in Europe and Asia.

Davis has a keen interest in expanding his knowledge in sustainable agriculture, agronomy, and crop science; leveraging skills in research, analysis, quality control, and agricultural management and has previously worked as an Agri-projects Manager, Agri-consultant and Agribusiness Strategist. His passion has led him to mentor, empower, and facilitate training for farmers and aspiring farmers especially in rural/suburban areas. As a transformational leader, he has successfully built teams, companies and created shareholder value.

Outside working in the agri-world, Davis enjoys motoring events, running, listening to electronic dance music, afro house music and travelling.