Tiffany Kisiero

User Centered Designer

As a user-centered designer, Tiffany works closely with smallholder farmers and stakeholders to ensure that we are solving the right problems, availing solutions that are sound, effective, inclusive and anchored on human-centered design principles. Tiffany is also a friend of the Figma community, advocating for good design, and using the web application to improve digital experiences.

Tiff is a big believer in good design, letting users co-design their own experiences, designing with intentions deeply rooted in values, psychology, and philosophy, having an open mind and embracing diversity, being curious and not assuming, and questioning what already is and exploring what could be.

In addition, Tiff has some chickens, she’s planning to have cows very soon, and is looking forward to being an agripreneur.
Tiffany has an honours degree in finance from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT)