Whilst studying for an MA in Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford, Sam became interested in issues surrounding international and community development. Shortly after graduating he went out to work with Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP), an education and community development NGO based in Trujillo, Peru. Throughout his time with SKIP he ran a variety of workshops and programmes as well as coordinating the communications of the organisation. One project he was involved in was to develop and deliver a series of photography workshops with a  group of secondary students, helping them to explore their community, and communicate their stories to the outside world.

He has also volunteered as a community mediator, worked with education and refugee support organisations, and helped document a community development consultation project. All these projects have taught him a lot about the potential of storytelling in empowering communities – especially when using participatory photography and video-making techniques. It has also served to change his perception of communications in community and international development contexts.

In the last couple of years Sam has developed an interest in Brazilian samba drumming, this has nothing to do with the similarity to his own name.