Climate Edge

Climate Edge is a London based company that is developing agricultural weather stations to identify what conditions are harming yield and quality most. Their services allow smallholder farmers to keep track of these conditions and take actions to mitigate the impact of climate change. As part of the World Bank project we are working with Climate Edge to install weather stations at a number of our key Centres of Excellence, and we are working with them to help farmers access, work with and understand the data it shared.


The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) is a not-for-profit research and development organization dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger while protecting natural resources in developing countries. Starting in 2018, with our World Bank project, we have partnered with CIAT to provide data and information on climate trends in accessible and manageable formats to farmers and producer organisations.

Mastercard Labs

The seventh in a series of Mastercard Innovation Hubs, Mastercard Labs for Financial Inclusion is the first Lab in Africa and the first to focus exclusively on financial inclusion. Producers Direct have partnered with Mastercard Labs to pilot 2kuze – a digital platform connecting farmers, agents, and buyers that allows smallholders to gain greater pricing transparency and more effective distribution of their products.

Restless Development

Restless Development is a  youth-led international development agency that works together to help young people make lasting change in their communities and countries. Producers Direct have been partnering with Restless Uganda to help support the development of youth-led agri-enterprises at our Centres of Excellence.

The Champion Agency

Champion is the UK’s only social enterprise and creative agency that champions young creative talent and organisations they believe in. We have been working Champion since 2016 to help develop our brand presence and data systems.


Inventors of the world’s first digital micro coffee roasters, IKAWA: Home Coffee Roaster, are supporting Producers Direct’s work by helping to provide roasters to our producer partners.

IntelliSoft Plus

Intellisoft Plus are a Kenyan based tech company that are committed to catalyzing the transformation and growth of Africa. They have become a key partner of Producers Direct, vital to helping test and implement tech based solutions in the field with smallholder farmers.

Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO)

KENVO is a community-based organization engaged in developing sustainable nature conservation programs in the Kikuyu Escarpment Forest, Kenya. Alongside Restless Uganda, KENVO have been involved in training young people, developing exchange visits to build youth engagement with our Centres of Excellence in Kenya and Uganda.


Those provides expertise in producing innovative digital and physical design. They have supported Producers Direct to deliver numerous projects including the realization of innovations developed by farmers and the development of the initial concept and platform of WeFarm with the design agency Airside.


With support from AppSheet’s support for non-profits we have been able to build an app to help farmers keep accurate records and turn their farms into sustainable businesses.


Launched in 2011, DataKind leads a community of passionate data scientists, visionary partners and mission-driven organizations with the talent, commitment and energy to use data science in the service of humanity.

We worked with DataKind in 2016 to help us analyse and dive into the data we had collected as part of our monitoring of work in Kenya and Uganda. This experience helped us to get a deeper understanding of both the impact of our work and the ways in which data can help all of us to make improved decisions.