Board Chair


Producers Direct is an award-winning organization led by smallholder farmers, for smallholder farmers. Since 2009, we have been working to pioneer a new model centered on smallholders taking leadership and developing innovative solutions to the challenges they face
and providing an opportunity for smallholders to transform their farms into sustainable businesses. We are a UK-registered charity, with local branch registrations in Kenya and Peru, and team members located across Kenya, Peru, the UK and US (supported by 501c3
registration in the US).

Our diverse international Board, currently spans Trustees located in the UK, Kenya and Peru, with strong representation from smallholder farmers from across Producers Direct’s East Africa and Peruvian networks – as well as Board members with a range of skills and expertise working on smallholder agriculture and enterprise development.

We are looking for a new Chair to join the Producers Direct Board from July 2023. The successful candidate will foster an environment where smallholder representatives on our Board of Trustees thrive. Our new Chair will be willing to listen and challenge the status quo on
effective models supporting smallholder leadership within agricultural value chains, and be a strong, reliable source of support to both Trustees and Producers Direct’s senior management team alike. Our new Chair will also adeptly manage the balance between inclusiveness and decisiveness, ensuring Producers Direct’s diversity brings strength to our Board.


To provide effective leadership and management to the Producers Direct Board of Trustees, and Producers Direct Senior Management Team.


  • Enable Producers Direct’s Trustees to fulfill their responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of Producers Direct as a UK charity, ensuring that appropriate decisions are correctly made.
  • Lead trustee discussions on the manner in which the charity continues to provide public benefit, and how such provision is continuously monitored by the board.
  • Work in partnership with Producers Direct’s CEO and Senior Management team to ensure that trustee decisions are acted upon and the charity is managed effectively. The chair should effectively manage the difference between Trustee’s role in developing and agreeing the strategic direction of the charity, and that of the senior management team in applying that strategy to the day-to-day operations of the charity

Main Responsibilities

  • Leading the trustees and members of the senior management team in the development of strategic plans for the charity.
  • Providing leadership and support to the CEO and ensuring that the charity is run in accordance with the decisions of the trustees, the charity’s governing document, and appropriate legislation.
  • Liaising with the CEO on drafting agendas and supporting papers for Board meetings; ensuring that the business is covered efficiently and effectively in those meetings; and ensuring trustee decisions are acted upon.
  • Undertaking a leadership role in ensuring that the Board of Trustees fulfills its charity governance responsibilities.
  • Leading on, with the assistance of the CEO where appropriate, the development and implementation of procedures for board induction, development, training, and appraisal.
  • Supporting and appraising CEO performance.
  • Maintaining the trustees’ commitment to board renewal and succession management, in line with the charity’s governing document and/or current best practice.
  • Ensuring that the performance of the board as a whole, and the trustees individually is reviewed on an annual basis.
  • Providing support between Board meetings as required, for example reviewing documents and approving banking transactions in accordance with relevant mandates.

Who / What we are looking for?

  • Commitment to producer voices, leadership and ownership – in the governance and day-to-day operations of Producers Direct.
  • Experiencing working with smallholder farmers and/or local farming communities.
  • Strong facilitation skills and experience, across diverse cultures and languages.
  • Innovative mindset – willing to support Producers Direct challenge the status quo.
  • Capacity to dedicate the time required to be effective and successful in this role.
    ○ Commitment to serving at least one 3-year term in the role.
    ○ Minimum of four Board meetings per year (quarterly ) – typically virtually, with additional availability for ad hoc meetings in between meetings.

Please note: This is an unpaid, voluntary position. No financial compensation will be available for this role.


How to Apply

  • Please share your CV and cover letter to

Application deadline: Monday 12th June 2023- 17:30 UTC

Please note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Shortlisted candidates should expect to be invited for a first-round interview with Producers Direct’s Trustees and CEO in w/c 19th June 2023.