Zena Kassim

Zena Kassim is a Youth Coordinator at Rungwe and Busokelo Tea Cooperative Joint Enterprise (RBTC-JE) in Tanzania. With a Diploma in Agricultural Production from Mati-Inyala College, Zena has turned her love for farming and animal rearing into a career.

In her role at RBTC-JE, Zena is dedicated to uplifting smallholder farmers, by enhancing production and boosting their incomes. Taking the lead on a honey project, specifically a beekeeping initiative, she extends her impact across eight cooperatives nestled in villages with tea farmers.

Zena is dedicated to ensuring that farmers and beekeepers transition into modern agricultural practices. A transition that will elevate the quality of production and their financial well-being. Her commitment is centered on creating positive changes in the lives of those she works with within the farming community.

Byarugaba Remigio

Byarugaba Remigio is an organic farmer with a passion for cultivating coffee, bananas, and poultry. As an agri-entrepreneur, Byarugaba Remigio is the driving force behind Birara Eco Agribusiness and Birara Coffee.

Inspired by a vision of sustainable farming, Remigio co-founded the Mpororo Farmers Network and the Rukungiri Young Farmers Advocacy Organisations. These initiatives focus on uplifting the livelihoods of youth and women, identified as vulnerable groups, through practical agriculture and environmentally friendly farming methods.

Remigio holds a Diploma in Secondary Education from Kyambogo University, a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Rural Innovation from Makerere University, and a Master’s degree in Agroecology.

Remigio is currently the Sales Lead in Uganda, heading our sales commercial teams at Producer’s Direct in Uganda. In this position, he leads the sales team to support smallholder farmers in accessing markets and transforming farming into a sustainable business. Remigio is dedicated to the sustainable development of both Producer’s Direct and the farmers he serves.

Angel Majuan

Angel is based in Cajamarca, Peru and he holds a degree in zootechnics from the Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo. In 2019 he founded the FIZ research hotbed, where he was appointed president. In 2021 he began working at the Aprocassi Agrarian Cooperative, serving as head of the productive diversification area with a focus on specialty coffees, climate change and beekeeping. During his stay in this area he crafted a beverage named “Hidromiel” using his bee honey. Recognised for his exceptional performance, Angel was promoted to the position of project assistant manager in 2023 within the same cooperative, where he excelled in coordinating and developing projects. He now supports implementation of Producers Direct’s projects as a youth coordinator. 



Wilton Arevalo

Wilton was born and raised in the Amazonas region in Peru. At 19, he was part of the Peruvian army. In 2003, driven by the need to support his family, he transitioned to coffee farming. He then studied business management and worked as an assistant in the planning and budget area within the Health Network of Utcubamba. He then started working in the Bagua Grande coffee cooperative where he took on various roles, including overseeing the storage warehouse, assisting in certifications, and working as a field extensionist. He is currently part of Producers Direct as a Youth Agent.

Julio Marino

Born and raised in Chirinos, Cajamarca, Julio has been involved in the coffee sector since 40 years ago when his parents bought a small farm . Coffee farming has been his main source of income, sustaining his family and funding their education. Presently cultivating coffee with distinct honey, peach, and floral aromas on his parents’ farm, Julio focuses on special coffees that are very good in organoleptic quality, and with a physical performance of up to 81 exportable points. Six years ago, he started working in the technical area of the Chirinos cooperative. Julio currently serves as the Youth Coordinator in Chirinos and supports smallholder farmers like himself to become more sustainable.

Jose Herrera

Born in San Ignacio – Cajamarca, and holding a degree in Forestry Engineering from the National University of Cajamarca, he brings a wealth of experience in the field, office, and laboratory settings. He specialises in formulating forestry and agricultural projects, with a focus on coffee, cocoa, forestry, and the environment. He aims to see the well-being of farmers. As a youth coordinator, his mission is to ensure project efficiency and tangible impacts on producers.


Angel Peña

Angel is from Frias, in the highlands of Piura. He is an agricultural engineer with a diploma in project management. He has always liked the countryside, nature and helping people. He has worked on several projects to support smallholder farmers, one of the most vulnerable groups in Peru. At Producers Direct, he feels proud of being able to support farmers to find new markets and get customers for their products, while ensuring better prices for them.


José Luis Arroyo Unchupaico

Jose Luis was born and raised in a rural area of Pangoa. His parents are smallholder farmers dedicated Born and raised in the rural area of ​​Pangoa, he comes from smallholder farmer parents dedicated to coffee cultivation. He studied in the central mountains of Peru, in the National University of Central Peru until 2016. He is an agricultural engineer and has been working for 6 years in the execution of projects in the Pangoa area.

Agaba Keneth

Keneth holds a Diploma in Business Administration from YMCA University Kampala. He is passionate about agriculture and modernising the industry, and he focuses on fish farming, beekeeping, piggery, and urban farming. As a young farmer interested in business, Keneth dedicates his time to training young people and researching innovative approaches. His projects not only serve as profitable ventures but also as incubation centers, motivating young individuals to join agribusiness and create new job opportunities. Overall, Keneth’s blend of education and hands-on experience positions him as a leader in promoting sustainable and innovative practices in agriculture.

Amon Natushemba

Amon, raised in a smallholder coffee farming community in western Uganda, holds a diploma in electrical engineering. Previously managing construction sites, he transitioned to join the Producers Direct family. Currently serving as the ACPCU CoE manager, Amon is dedicated to achieving all Center of Excellence activities. In his free time, he volunteers as an internal control committee member at his primary cooperative. Amon values teamwork and enjoys humor, reflecting a well-rounded and community-oriented approach to his work and personal life.


Carolyne Mutai

Born and raised in the highlands of the rift valley, she developed interest in farming since her parents are farmers. Carolyne has graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management. She also has a Certificate in Project Planning and Management.

In her role as a youth project coordinator, she has worked closely with Producers Direct Coordinators in the development and implementation of Youth hubs. She believes that youth have a great potential in agricultural practices if equipped with the right technological advancements. Through adequate trainings and data a lot can be achieved to propel the youth objective to be a global network.

Aside from having a passion in photography, Carolyne loves to read books of  vast genres.