Zena Kassim

Youth Coordinator (Tanzania-Based)

Zena Kassim is a Youth Coordinator at Rungwe and Busokelo Tea Cooperative Joint Enterprise (RBTC-JE) in Tanzania. With a Diploma in Agricultural Production from Mati-Inyala College, Zena has turned her love for farming and animal rearing into a career.

In her role at RBTC-JE, Zena is dedicated to uplifting smallholder farmers, by enhancing production and boosting their incomes. Taking the lead on a honey project, specifically a beekeeping initiative, she extends her impact across eight cooperatives nestled in villages with tea farmers.

Zena is dedicated to ensuring that farmers and beekeepers transition into modern agricultural practices. A transition that will elevate the quality of production and their financial well-being. Her commitment is centered on creating positive changes in the lives of those she works with within the farming community.