Diana Quintero

International Project Manager, Farmer Data for Decision Making (Peru- Based)

Diana grew up in a rural Colombian family, which has given her a deep understanding of the problems and opportunities of rural communities. After graduating with a degree in business administration, she co-founded Bive, a social enterprise facilitating access to high-quality healthcare for more than 100,600 people in rural areas in Colombia, particularly in coffee-growing communities. After eight years leading her social organisation, Diana moved to Malawi to work at mothers2mothers, an international NGO that empowers women living with HIV to eradicate pediatric HIV/AIDS. There, she became interested in sustainable food systems and climate change. She completed a Master’s Degree in International Development Policy, focused on technology, innovation, and climate-smart agriculture. Diana is our International Project Manager coordinating our efforts in farmer data for decision-making. She leads the development of our digital app Croppie in Colombia, Peru, and Uganda and is excited to scale this technology to millions of farmers.