Diana Quintero

Project Management Specialist

Diana grew up in a Colombian rural family which has given her a deep understanding of rural communities’ problems and opportunities. When she graduated from business school, she co-founded Bive, a social enterprise that has facilitated access to high-quality healthcare services for +100,000 rural people in her country, particularly for coffee growers’ communities. 

After eight years leading her enterprise, Diana moved to Malawi to work at mothers2mothers (m2m), an international NGO empowering women living with HIV to eradicate pediatric HIV/AIDS, where she coordinated a partnership with the Government to strengthen the country’s Community Health Strategy. She became interested in sustainable food production systems and climate change and focused her master’s degree, in International Development Policy, in climate-smart agriculture and technology to improve small farmers’ quality of life and contribute to prosperous rural communities. 

Diana is passionate about social innovation and entrepreneurship. She has volunteered with several organizations (Yunus Social Business, The Grameen Creative Lab, Global Shapers, etc.) to promote social entrepreneurship and youth leadership, and with local NGOs, helping them to create sustainable business models.

Diana recently moved to Peru to join the Producers Direct team as a Project Management Specialist. She is excited to explore the country, hike its mountains and learn from the history of its pre-Columbian civilisations.