Niwahereza Abias

Kayonza (Uganda)

Niwahereza Abias is  youth sales agent from the Youth Innovation Hub, Kayonza Growers Tea Factory Centre of Excellence. He initially worked as a youth agent in data collection, working with the promoter farmers to collect information in support of our farmer-led data system. Now he is acting as a sales agent earning a commission on the weekly sales of produce’ collected from farmers across the region.

“This has helped me in so many ways as I have been able to increase my income; with this commission I was able to start my own piggery farm that is growing to a bigger project.”

Niwahereza has also been able to gain experience in identifying market opportunities and learning how to negotiate prices to the satisfaction of all parties.  Furthermore, his experience working directly with farmers has allowed him to acquire new farming skills and techniques from experienced farmers that have help him improve his farming practices.

“My work as a youth agent  has inspired me to invest in farming as a business and I’ve also created a strong network with farmers and different organizations that I supply the produce to, hence trust, recognition, convenience, and transparency is ensured.”