Talía Lostaunau


Talia was born and lives in Lima. She studied Forest Engineer in Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. At that time, she was already passionate about Peru, it’s people and natural resources. By the time she finished her pre-graduate studies, she developed an interpretive plan for a Private Conservation Area in the north of Peru as her thesis work. Since then, Talia has worked developing participatory projects related to conservation, ecotourism, forestry and agriculture.

After having travelled throughout all the regions in Peru investigating and documenting different sustainable business models led by communities, she became part of Producers Direct in 2018, to give support to the fundraising team. She knows that she lives in a country full of opportunities, especially in the rural areas, and loves to be part of its sustainable development.

Talia collects places. Her dream is to visit the 76 Natural Protected Areas in Peru (she has already been to 30).