Covid 19

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There is a serious and significant risk that Covid-19 will cause major food shortages and long-term supply chain sustainability issues. It is absolutely critical that we support the livelihoods of smallholder producers in Africa and Latin America. Smallholder producers are currently experiencing exacerbated Covid-19 related challenges, which are severely reducing their income and productivity, as well as increasing the risk of hunger and malnutrition

In response to this we have developed a Covid-19 strategy  which outlines the key services and approaches necessary to support smallholders to keep farming safely and healthily.

Our first step has been working with key partners (including, Wefarm, and Mercy Corps – full partners below)) ideally placed to create and disseminate a bespoke set of materials which will minimise the impact of Covid on millions of smallholder farmers.

These open-source materials can be downloaded here. Please feel free to use and adapt for your audience. However, we would really appreciate if you would help us to track the reach of the materials by letting us know who you are and with how many farmers you will be sharing this information. Additionally if you are interested in supporting the project further please let us know. You can complete the form below or by going to this link.

Finally, you can support the development and further dissemination by donating below:

Current partners listed below. If you are interested in supporting our work, rolling out with more farmers that you work with or engaging with the project further and would like your logo to be featured here, please indicate this in the form below.